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  • Unlimited Charts
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Silver Pack
Divisional chart transits
Transits based on your divisional charts
Atmakaraka (Soul Planet)
Soul Planet (Atmakaraka) Analysis
Nakshatra Analysis
Analysis of various nakshatra attributes based on planets in your birth chart.
Transit Charts
Transit chart for current day or any other day in past or future.
Tarabala and Chandrabala
Tarabala is the strength provided by stars to your Janma Nakshatra / Birth star. Chandrabala is the Lunar strength of the moon.
Vishnu sahasranama stotram based on chart
Which Vishnu Sahasranama shloka resonates with your birth chart?
Calculation Settings
Customize the way your chart is calculated.
Watch Hora Alerts (iOS only)
Get hora alerts on your apple watch
Gold Pack
Avasthas for unlimited profiles
Spirituality for unlimited profiles
Kalachakra for unlimited profiles
Arudha of Divisional Charts
Arudha of Divisional Charts for unlimited profiles
Argala for unlimited profiles
Doshas & Remedies
Doshas & Remedies for unlimited profiles
Karma Stored in Chakras
How much karma you have stored in each of your chakras
Nakshatra Remedies
Remedies based on Nakshatras
Mantra Remedies
Mantra based remedies for planets in your birth chart.
Destiny Point (Bhrigu Bindu)
Alerts when major planets transit over your destiny point.
Rahu Ketu Analysis
Analysis of Rahu and Ketu in your birth chart and Navamsha chart
Divisional Chart Transits
Transits based on your divisional charts
Super Impose Charts
Super impose your own charts or charts of 2 people.
Ashtakavarga is a system for assigning strengths to planets and Houses for use in transit analysis.
Multiple Levels of Mahadasha
You will be able to further drill down to Pratyantar Dasha, Sookshma Dasha, and Prana Dasha.
Tithi Yoga
Special panchang tithi yogas
Gandanta dates for all planets
Find out when each and every planet transits through Gandanta zones.
Upcoming Nakshatra transits
Planetary transits through every Nakshatra and Nakshatra padas.
Tithi Pravesh Chart
Find out your Vedic birthday and it’s Chart.
Yogatara transits
Trigger alerts for Yoga Tara Transits.
Solar Return Chart (Varshphal)
Get the Solar Return Chart (Varshaphal) for unlimited profiles.
Mudda Dasha
Unlock Mudda Dasha for solar return charts for unlimited profiles
Patyayini Dasha
Unlock Patyayini Dasha for unlimited profiles
Panchaka Rahita
Find Panchakas for any given day.
Retrograde Planet Dates
Retrograde dates for Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury
Chara Dasha
Chara Dasha for unlimited profiles
Vargottama planets means the planets occupying the same rashi in the Lagna chart as well as the Navmasha chart.
This feature computes planetary strengths based on 6 different systems.
Bhava Bala
Bhava Bala for unlimited profiles
Bhava Chalit Chart
Unlock Bhava Chalit Chart for unlimited profiles. Bhav Chalit Chart is used for predicting the house results.
Sudarshan Chakra
Sudarshan Chakra for unlimited profiles
Unlock Yogas for unlimited profiles
Deities of Divisional Charts
Deities of Divisional Charts for unlimited profiles
Badhaka Planets
Badhaka Planets for unlimited profiles
Aprakash Grahas
Aprakash Grahas for unlimited profiles
Upa Grahas
Upa Grahas for unlimited profiles
Jagannath Drekkana
Jagannath Drekkana for unlimited profiles
Somnath Drekkana
Somnath Drekkana for unlimited profiles
Find The Planets On Your Fingers
Find The Planets On Your Fingers for unlimited profiles
Nakshatra Explorer
Nakshatra Explorer for unlimited profiles.
Save Charts
Platinum Pack
Additional Dasha
Additional Dasha for unlimited profiles
Detailed Tithi Report
Detailed Tithi Report for unlimited profiles
Vedic Rituals and Remedies
Jyotish Reference Table / Karakas
Event Insights
Save events that happened in your life and find out which planetary combination may have caused it.
Destiny Point Alert
Analysis of various nakshatra attributes based on planets in your birth chart.
Fortuna Point Analysis
Transit chart for current day or any other day in past or future.
Find your Pakshi and align with its activities.
Photo Insights Extension
Astrologically, What happened when you took that photo
Arudha Padas
Find Arudha lagna and lagna pada of all houses.
Celebrity Profiles
View and research celebrity charts.
Unequal Nakshatras
Unequal Nakshatras for unlimitted profile.
Nara Chakra
Nara Chakra for your Charts (Know parts of your body which are associated with your Nakshatras in your Rashi Chart).
Cosmic Timeline
Aggregated timeline view of Panchapakshi, Hora, Panchak and Current Location Lagna. For a limited time - Unlock Panchapakshi to access Cosmic Timeline.
Advanced Astakavarga
The advanced Ashtakavarga module will give you access to Bhinnashtakavarga charts, Prastaraka Charts, Interpreation of Ashtakavarga based on Ascendant, Moon and Mahadasha lord. You also get access to compute transit scores based on Ashtakavarga.
Transit Hitlist
Interactive and Sophisticated controls to navigate planetary transits.
Offline Charts
You can access all the charts, divisional charts, planet details, Nakshatra Details, house details, mahadasha etc.
Drekkanas for unlimitted profile.
Detailed Tarabala Table
Cosmic Compatibility
Canvas - Everything in one place
Aspects Table
Planetary dignities across all vargas