Find the Position of Planets on your Fingers based on your own Birth Chart
One of the primary mediums through which we create karma is through our hands (actions). Our entire birth chart is reflected on our hands and this is why Astrology and Palmistry are deeply connected.

The fingers, excluding the thumb, represent the 12 zodiac signs (Rashis).
  • The first part of the index finger is the sign Aries, the second part is Taurus and the third part is Gemini.
  • The first part of the ring finger is Cancer, the second is Leo and the third is Virgo.
  • The first part of the little finger is Libra, second is Scorpio and third is Sagittarius.
  • The first part of the middle finger is Capricorn, second is Aquarius and third is Pisces.
How to Use this
So, if you have Sun in Aries, then you can touch the first part of your index finger of your right hand with the thumb of your right hand, whilst you chant your personal, Surya mantra.

Similarly, based on the other planets' positions in your birth chart and their reflecting position on your fingers, you can touch the appropriate part of the finger with the thumb of your right hand, to honor, align with and worship that particular planet. You can do this through mudras, breath work and chanting.

For maximum results, you can also worship the deities connected to the planets in your birth chart, by chanting or meditating upon them during the Vara and Hora of the planet.

To go into more detail, you can also use the mantra of the planet based on your Nakshatra pada. Say, for example, Sun is in Ashwini pada 2, then you will use the 2nd mantra out of the 108 mantras for the Sun.

Acknowledgment to Pandit Sanjay Rath for sharing this wisdom.
Find The Position Of Planets On Your Fingers Based On Your Own Birth Chart
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